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Considering my last post was on April Fool’s Day last year (and rightly so!), I don’t make promises when it comes to blogging, but I will try my best, which is why I am posting on April Fool’s Day once again. Although I am terrible at updating my blog (proof: I actually typed the majority of this post back in January when the look back was more relevant…), I do update my Instagram quite often, especially with photos of trips to Disneyland and dishes I cook/bake. 😉

So much has happened since my last post. 2013 started out slow, but it ended up picking up enormous speed! Here are some highlights from the latter half of the year:

  • I had finished my MA degree in December 2012, but in May I walked in the commencement ceremony. It was hot, it was long, but it was worth it. I finally felt like I was finished with school!
MA Graduation Day

MA Graduation Day

  • May was also the month my parents started remodeling the kitchen, a process that took over the summer.
Kitchen - Before

Kitchen – Before

  • In June, I flew to WV with my dad for his father’s 93rd birthday. I was there for his 90th and I was so happy to be there once again with him on his special day.
  • In early July, most of my family from Chicago visited. Two of my cousins participated in the Irish Dancing Nationals Competition. It was great to see them and my aunt & uncle. I just really wished my other two cousins could have made the trip with them!
  • July also meant SDCC. This was definitely my busiest Comic Con yet—I barely slept! I even camped outside of Hall H the last night with friends. It was crazy, but it was fun. Will I do that again? Undecided, haha. Here are a couple pictures from the sometime-past-2am visit from Moffat and co., as well as a few pictures I took of my friends’ wonderful Sugar Rush cosplay!
Me, my brothers sweater, and Sue Vertue

Me, my brothers life-saving sweater, and Sue Vertue

A very good Ten with Steven Moffat

A very good Ten with Steven Moffat






  • More family visited after Comic Con. This time TWO families, both from overseas and both from my dad’s side of the family (a reunion of cousins!). Only one of the families stayed with us though. Let me remind you: this was all happening during the kitchen remodel. Again, it was crazy, but fun.
  • At the end of August, I started working at a second job. So, during the day, I teach English at an ESL school, classroom style, and then most evenings I teach English or tutor with one-on-one lessons. This is what had been occupying most of my time for the last seven months.
  • August was also the month when we were finally able to move back into the kitchen, and I LOVE IT. I made good use of it over the holidays and then some! Seriously, my Instagram is flooded with pictures of food I’ve made. 😉
Kitchen - After

Kitchen – After

Kitchen - After, 2

Kitchen – After, #2

  • As for the rest of the year, I celebrated the holidays in the usual fashion with family and friends and enjoyed catching up on sleep and rest during the two week break I got from work from Christmas to New Years.
Thor and Loki - First Christmas

Thor and Loki – First Christmas

  • Now, 2014 has been filled with a lot of work and a lot of baking so far. Looking forward to seeing what else it holds!

And that, in short, is what I have been up to. I don’t have any plans for 2014. I hope to go on a cruise in June and I plan on going to Comic Con again in July. My brother quit is job and is traveling around the world for 6+ months, so I also hope to join him somewhere in the world at some point. Other than these hopes, I have no plans. I’ll just let what happens happen. I hope 2014 brings good things to us all! 🙂

Yours smiling, 

Miss Mo.

P.S. My brother started blog to record all his travel adventures. You should check it out!  —>  http://boust12.wordpress.com/


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Well it has been just over a year since my last entry. A lot of things happened that prevented me from writing—computer issues (had to take it in not once, but three times, before getting it replaced altogether), working on a thesis that turned in to exams (which I passed, so I now have an MA in Asian Studies!), life—so I have been contemplating since January how I wanted to bring my blog back to life.

I decided April Fool’s Day was the best route. If I keep up with regular updates, then that is great. If I don’t, then it is all just a joke.

If I do manage to post more often, you will probably see photo’s my the newest members of my family, Thor & Loki:


Brotherly Love

We were only going to adopt one kitten, but it would have been cruel to separate these adorable ginger brothers! I love them so much already.


Nap Time, All the Time

I don’t really have anything else to say because I wasn’t even sure if I would post tonight (lol), so here are a few photo highlights from during my blogging absence:




Solar Eclipse, May 20, 2012.




IMG_0088 2

Took a walk along the beach with my mom and her friend. It happened to be during the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. August 2, 2012.



Doctor Who Panel at Nerd HQ 2012


I went to SD Comic Con & Nerd HQ. I especially enjoyed my experiences at Nerd HQ. I was able to ask the Doctor Who cast about Karen & the Babes, which resulted in them singing a bit of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody. A shining moment in my life as a Whovian. 😉


Here is a fortune I received in a cookie. I really do hope it comes true!


Curved & Parallel


Actually, you know what, this photo-sum-up is going to take too long. If I keep going, it won’t be the first by the time this gets posted, which will destroy my goal of this entry entirely… Go check out my Instagram. You can figure out what have been up to from there~: http://instagram.com/ms_random_mo

[Side note: I really need to invest in a better camera. Hopefully before SD Comic Con this summer… ^ ^]

This really did turn out to be a lazy post. I can only go up from here, right? Hopefully I will write again soon!

Yours smiling,

Miss Mo.

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