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I didn’t mean to have such a long time pass between my posts, but my laptop broke and it has been in repair for the majority of the month. I finally got it back last week, so I can finally post what I had been planning to post ages ago! Therefore, this entry will revisit the end of January and my quick trip to Florida. I don’t have much to say about February aside from cooking adventures because it has been largely uneventful. I’ll post my kitchen experiments in later posts. 🙂

Also, I ‘apologize’ for the onslaught of pictures in this post–I had such a hard time narrowing them down. Hopefully so many will make up for the fact that I could not write sooner~ 😉

To begin, the flights from California to Florida were probably the worst flight experiences I have ever had, not because of the airline, people, or noise, but because of my ears. Since I was still recovering from my cold, my head was congested. This meant that my ears were still clogged, and it sounded strange when I popped them. I thought it would be okay at first because I felt fine during the take off, but it wasn’t okay.  When the first flight landed in Texas, I felt a terrible pain in my ears, and when the second flight landed in Florida, I could hardly hear anything at all. Everything, including my own voice, was muffled, and it felt as though I was going deaf. I wanted to burst out crying in fear and panic, but stayed as calm as I could. By the next morning, I was able to hear in one ear, but not the other, so when my mom and I headed to the beach with my grandparents sometime after breakfast and experimenting with ear drops in their apartment, we stopped by Walgreens to buy the medicine I needed to clear the congestion in my ears. I never want to fly after a head cold again! Thank you God for drugs and my ability to hear! ^ ^

Aside from my hearing drama, I had a fabulous time with my grandparents, but the trip was far too short! I was thinking about it while on the plane and realized that it had been almost three years since I had last seen my grandparents, far too long of a time. My mom and I only had two full days to spend with them, so we made the most of them!

On the first day, after picking up the medicine, we drove to Stuart Beach. My grandpa and I walked along the beach while my mom sat with my grandma, who can’t walk on sand anymore because of an ankle injury she got a while back. While we were walking, my grandpa collected shells to share with my grandma since she can’t see them for herself anymore. So sweet!

Stuart Beach on January 18, 2012. The yellow and purple flags were out, indicating "Caution" and "Sea Pests."

Afterwards, we went to Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center. It’s a great facility. We fed string rays, which was fun and one of the strangest feelings! The center also had a Game Fish Lagoon exhibit, where was watched the afternoon feeding. Then, we were lucky to catch one of the employees working with the sea turtles. She chatted with us about two of them, Hank and Turt, while feeding them and training them. The place also has nature trails in the surrounding land, so we walking along one of them before leaving.

Feeding Sting Rays. Ignore the crazy look in my eyes: it's the result of telling my mom to hurry up and take the photo, trying to resist looking back in the water, and Duane syndrome. ^ ^

Hank and Turt and the Race for Food

We spent the second day mostly relaxing. I say “mostly” because there was a bit of time spent helping my grandpa figure out who to set up their new internet service (only to realize there was a part that needed to be mailed to my grandparents) and looking for one of my grandma’s hearing aides (which was never found). The rest of the time my grandma showed me the antiques she’s collected over the years, telling me where and why she got them (and which ones she is planning to give to me one day! :D), while my grandpa shared some stories about the time he spent in the navy. It was all wonderful to hear learn. At night, my mom took us all out to dinner and used sneaky methods to pay the bill before my grandpa could. 😉

My mom got an iPad for Christmas that she brought with us to Florida. I then showed my grandparents how you could take photos on it. I don't think they understood seeing as I'm the only one looking at the camera...and I was taking the photo! lol

A memory my grandma wrote down to have put in the Community's weekly newsletter.

One of the coins from my grandparents' coin collection, of which I am envious!

When my grandparents moved into the retirement community, they brought with them some statues and hid a few on the property. This is one of them.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and I really wish I could have stayed longer. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I have the chance to visit them again!


Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about and looking at pictures from my short trip to Florida. Be forewarned: my next few entries will most likely all be cooking oriented because that’s all I’ve really had time for in February outside of school.


Yours smiling,

Miss Mo.


P.S. The title comes from that fact that my grandma exclaimed “(Oh) Jeepers!” three to four times during my visit. I love her. 🙂


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