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I am very surprised that I am writing on here today. I didn’t think I would be able to write an entry this week because I literally spent the past five days in bed. I haven’t even left the house since Monday night!

I kept wondering, “What can I write besides ‘I hate being sick.” Then, as my ability to think straight and to concentrate on one thing for an extended period of time started to return to me yesterday, I remembered that I did do something of note before this cold attacked me! And what will result is a little post about the past meeting the present…sort of.


Last weekend, a very good friend of mine from high school informed me that she was going to be in town for a few days with a friend of hers. We don’t get to see each other often anymore, so I eagerly cleared my Sunday in anticipation for her spending the day with her and her friend. We spent a couple hours catching up and reminiscing about things that happened in high school before heading over to a local park to watch the sunset. The view is great: the part of the park where we were is on top of a hill, so it overlooks the neighboring city and from certain areas, you can get a lovely view of the ocean in the distance as well. Here are a few of the pictures that I took:


Moon Rising

After Sunset

The last of is by far my favorite. I love the colors of the sky, especially the blue gradient, how the sparse landscape accentuates the silhouette of the tree, and the singular star that was visible at the time.

I also liked the picture because it reminded me of a Harry & the Potters poster I bought in 2006 when I saw the band perform at a local library on my birthday. (Who wouldn’t want to see Harry & the Potters, the band that started the music genre of Wizard Rock, perform at a library on his/her birthday?! I am so cool! 😀 lol)

Unfortunately, the poster is lost somewhere in my room, and I am still too sick to care to find it at the moment. Luckily, I was able to find some photos I took of it. However, they weren’t the best: the pictures were crooked; the lighting is different in each of them, so the colors don’t quite match; and I only focused on the parts of the poster where the brothers signed, so I am missing the top part of the poster (basically, the tops of the trees). But, despite these issues, I stitched the two photos together, and here is the result:

Harry & the Potters 2006 Summer Tour Poster

I probably could have done a better job, such as trying to make the colors match before stitching the two photos together, but I’m sick. Pretty good excuse if you ask me. 😉 Nevertheless, I am sure you can see why the poster reminded me of my picture at the park.


Well, that is all for this week. Not much, but it will do. I am sad I was unable to try a new recipe or two out this week, but I banished myself from the kitchen because I was either a) too miserable to cook and/or b) too afraid of contaminating everything I touch with my germs. No progress on the writing front either: as I mentioned before, my concentration was shot because of my cold. C’est la vie~~~

Although I am on my way back to 100% now, the chances of me updating next week are very slim because I am going to Florida with my mom to visit my grandparents.

Not sure when it will be, but…until next time!


Yours smiling (& sneezing & sniffling),

Miss Mo.


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New Year, New Chances?

The first week of 2012 is officially ending in about an hour (it’s 10:45pm on Saturday, January 7th now, but it will probably be past midnight and technically the start of a new week by the time I post this). I haven’t really given too much thought into resolutions because I know I will have a hard time keeping them. I always do. ^ ^ But!, I have a pretty legitimate excuse, which is two-thirds the reason why I haven’t written on here in months: I am currently researching for and writing my thesis for my MA in Asian Studies. I knew it would be time consuming, but I don’t think I realized just how time consuming it would be until I had started! (The last third is because I was in Europe for 5 weeks without reliable computer access over the summer and then I was depressed because I had to have my cat of 16 years, Coco, put down the day after my birthday, which was about 5 days after returning home from Europe… R.I.P. <3)


While I am not stressing out over my thesis, there are a few resolutions I hope to keep up with & a few that might just be a dream. Here they are: 

  • Write more often (creatively)
  • Cook more often (though sweets are on hold for a bit because apparently I made too many over the holidays, according to my mom). I am already doing good on this one—I have tried two new recipes this past week: eggnog pudding & a makeshift ‘Mexican’ bean salad based on what was in the refrigerator and pantry: 


Eggnog Pudding


Mexican Bean Salad

  • Write a blog entry a week, with the exception of being on vacation because internet access may not be guaranteed (e.g. when I go to Florida in 10 days)
  • Write a novel before my next birthday, which is about 6.5 months or so from now
  • Sing more often and maybe put some videos online, even if it’s only for family & friends
  • Figure out a way to (get money to) go to Japan to do some original research for my thesis
  • Live a healthier life (e.g. drink more water, eat smaller portions, exercise more often, etc.)

Yep. Not sure how those will go, but I will try my best!


To end this week one post, here are some photos of some of the sweet things I cooked in 2011 (I tried picking pictures of the savory dishes as well, but the sweets pictures were nicer & concentrating on one helped the process of narrowing down the pictures~ lol) & a photo in memoriam of Coco: 


Mini Cheesecakes with Peanut Butter Cup Center & Chocolate Shavings


Microwaveable Orange-Scented Sponge Cake with Chocolate & Raspberry Sauces



Stained Glass Window Cookies


Mini Cranberry & Cream Cheese Pastries


I tried quite a few Cake-In-A-Mug/Mug Cake variations in 2011. This one is a gingerbread cake.


For Christmas, my mom taught me how to make Bûche de Noël.


Peppermint Meringue Kisses with a Chocolate Surprise

And finally, 


Coco, 1995 - 2011. I was so lucky to have you in my life. I miss you & love you & think of you all the time. R.I.P. ❤


Hopefully 2012 will be full of great new experiences & memories! 


Yours smiling, 

Miss Mo.



Coco & I


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